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Online Ping Website Tool

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If you manage a website, you should ping my website to search engines to see if it is connected to all of the major search engines. Alternatively, you might mass ping backlinks to ensure that they are up and running. You need a ping website tool if you want your website to stay visible on the internet. You can't ping each server that serves your website category to see if your site is viewable to them. So you'll need a utility to ping search engines and web servers, and provides that wonderful and dependable solution for you, and it's free.

To utilise it, go to the ping website tool and follow the instructions given on this page. To get started, type in your website's URL address. The next box is the 'category' box, which is set to 'others' by default. A list of categories will appear when you click the down arrow. You have the option of choosing your website's category. When you're ready, click the 'Ping Now' button to begin pinging.

Simply wait for the software to begin pinging all of the web servers and search engines related with the category of your website. Because there are thousands of web servers all over the world, the utility will take a few minutes to run. It pings your website from several web servers, and if the ping is successful, it displays a message in the result box saying "thanks for the ping." You know your website is accessible and connectable over the internet after looking at the results of this test.