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Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

A Dummy image placeholder can be used as a stand-in when creating a website or landing page when the desired images aren't yet available. You may use this to check how the content will appear on your website after being prepared. You may quickly and simply make dummy pictures for your ideas with this application, which you can use for FREE, to keep your project going ahead. You may utilize the Stock Image option to select an image of either people, food, or a landscape, or you can build a fake image with only one color.

What Exactly Is A Dummy Image?

Often, while developing a new website, the text is completed before the graphics. Dummy pictures allow you to post material on a website while serving as temporary placeholders until the real images are ready. You avoid having to halt the design process in this manner. Dummy photos are available in almost any size you want.

Is It Free To Use The Dummy Image Generator?

Sure, it is. As many fake photos as you require may be created and downloaded. These photographs were created to provide more authenticity to your design; but, before going live, replace them with actual photos.

Will Image Placeholders Affect How Quickly My Website Loads?

This is an excellent technique to evaluate whether they actually slow down the loading of your web page because the pictures mirror what will be on your site when it goes live. You may always use our PNG and JPEG compression tool to make the images smaller if you notice that the website is loading more slowly than it should. 

Can I Use The Stock Image Generator To Pick A Specific Image?

Although you may pick an image type, you cannot select a specific image. The stock image generator, for instance, will choose ONE image of a cat for you if you requested one. There won't be a selection of cat pictures for you to pick from.

What Sources Do You Use For Your Stock Photos?

The pictures were downloaded and may be used without charge from Unsplash. There is no restriction on how many fake stock photos you may download with our program. Please be aware that Unsplash images cannot be sold without substantial editing.

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