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07/27/2022 6:06 AM

Welcome To The Passive Move SEO Analysis Tools. This is a Professional Search Engine Optimisation Platform where we have provided you with over 50 free SEO tools to enhance and improve your websites for search engines.  We're dedicated to providing you with the best Search Engine Optimisation tools at your disposal. We hope you will enjoy The Passive Move SEO Analysis Tools as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Check out our blog articles to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation and how you can improve your website by applying various SEO techniques. If you like our content, please share it with others.

Our Goal To Make Search Engine  Optimisation (SEO) Simple

Our goal is to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as simple as possible. We provide SEO analysis and essential SEO monitoring for websites in a straightforward, professional manner. We've helped hundreds of small business owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists boost their online presence by making our free SEO tools intuitive and simple to use.

If your web page is built to be search engine friendly and aimed toward drawing visitors, the Internet is the finest platform to sell your business, ideas, services, and goods. Websites fight with millions of other websites for a strong search engine ranking position, and if your site isn't Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you might as well give up the domain.

What Is Search Engine Optimization | How Does It Work?

It is described as the process of improving a website's search engine ranks for the keywords it is optimized for. Both the user and the search engine are considered good SEO. Things that appear to be lovely on your website may have a detrimental impact on their rating. Return visits are ensured by good content. People will find your site if it has keyword-rich content.

How many of your contacts glance at the fourth or tenth page of a search engine's results page? The majority of people only look at the first ten to twenty results of a search. SEO may help your website appear in the top few pages of search results.

Content Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of SEO

Keywords are used to index the web. To discover a relevant page, the user puts in a keyword string, precise phrase, or single term. Advanced searching strategies are used by information professionals to uncover deep web material such as information embedded in databases or dictionaries, whereas the ordinary user simply thinks of the first thing that comes to mind and puts it in. Because there are hundreds of sites with that precise keyword, wide keywords on your site will not produce enough traffic. Specific keywords and keyword phrases are required.

On the page, there must be adequate material. Because there isn't enough information, the keywords can't be repeated sufficiently without keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing occurs when a page has too many instances of the same keyword. If your page appears to be crowded, search engines will give it a lower ranking. The density of keywords must be adjusted with respect to the rest of the page. This means that specific parts of the website must include your major keywords. They should stand out from the rest of the text if possible. There are several approaches to this, but it is a new issue.

The Importance Of Meta Tags

The importance of Meta tags cannot be overstated. Meta tags are located in a section of your website that is not visible to the naked eye. It is included in the source code. For search engines, this is where the Title, Description, and Keywords are inserted. If your site does not have a Meta Tag, most search engines will not be able to discover it. This section is crucial since it's where you'll put your major keywords and your site's description.

The relationship between the title, description, and content is crucial once more. Avoid stuffing this section with excessive descriptions, since search engines will ignore your page if the description is too long or the keywords are repeated three times or more. Maintain equilibrium.

Robot.txt File 

In order for spiders to ignore particular areas of your website, you must create a robot.txt file. The reason behind this is that the majority of them are unable to understand Java and CGI scripts. There are a lot of page extensions that will result in search engine exclusion.

Other SEO elements that affect how your page is indexed include:

  • The tags ALT, TITLE, and AUTHOR.
  • The quantity and quality of links pointing to your website.
  •  Links to your website
  • For search engines, a sitemap.
  • The names of your other pages' links
  • Link color and the total number

These are just a handful of the online and offline elements that have an impact on your search engine ranking. To get your page accessible on the Internet, where you must compete with other sites, SEO is required.

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