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About Word Counter

We are now all living in the era of word counts, whether you are a published author or simply another Internet explorer. If you've been writing words, you've been working with text counts, whether you're aware of it or not. From social media character restrictions to long document requirements in corporate settings, if you've been writing words, you've been operating with text counts, whether you're aware of it or not.

We used to be limited to 140 characters on Twitter, but they subsequently increased it to 280. You couldn't publish anything longer than 63,206 characters on Facebook, and you couldn't even remark with more than 8,000 characters. What about Instagram's hashtag restriction of 30? Your Instagram captions will be reduced after only 125 of the 2,200 characters they allow. We've even heard that in order for your blog article to rank on Google's first page, it may need to be longer than 1800 words.

You must always keep on track, ensuring that your content remains within the parameters of these important platforms... so that you do not inadvertently have to lower or raise your count words back and forth to fulfil some criteria. You'll need a text counting tool to accomplish this. A word calculator, on the other hand, does more than help you count the characters in your social media posts. Take a look at this gadget right now.